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The Mother of Mercy Image
It’s History and Origin

During Advent of 1994, Our Lady began a special manifestation of her presence during a Rosary group meeting in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Present at these Rosaries were many very devout and faithful Filipinos who worked in the medical community. She initially appeared as Our Lady of Fatima, but after several manifestations during the following weeks she began to display the Divine Mercy Rays emanating from her heart

She announced at a subsequent meeting, “I am your Mother of Mercy.” She then began to reveal, the details of her heart; three white roses with a golden crucifix superimposed, from which the Divine Mercy Rays emanate. She has said that the white roses are symbolic of the Most Holy Trinity dwelling in her heart, the source of all holiness. The image of Our Crucified Savior appears in gold emanating the Divine Mercy Rays, Our Lord Jesus’ suffering being the source and wellspring of mercy shed for us. 

Her arms are opened as in Our Lady of grace welcoming yet with a beckoning expression on her face almost sad, with the hint of tears. She looks at us so tenderly because she so profoundly sympathizes with our difficult and tortuous times. She is also deeply distressed for fallen mankind and their indifference towards the mercies shed for them through her Son. She pines for those chosen souls also who do not avail themselves of the graces available to them. 

She is extending a pleading invitation of Mercy for all. She promises to help all, even the most desperate cases if only they will put their trust in her, the Mediatrix of Mercy. 

The color of her dress is Royal Blue. It is the color of the Bride of Christ in the sense that it represents the royal espousal garment of the King of Heaven. Regarding this color there is a Franciscan tradition that predates it: the story goes somewhat this way. In a vision, from the early days of St. Francis (1200),a brother saw a red ladder being extended to Heaven. At the top was Christ, at the bottom were the Franciscan brothers trying to ascend, one after another they reached a few rungs successfully then fell to the ground. This red ladder was symbolic for penance. 

After these miserable failures, St. Francis appeared at the top of the ladder with Our Lord and said, “Look over there brothers for the white ladder, you will enter Heaven easily on that one.” So the brothers went over to the white ladder that had descended from Heaven and saw the Blessed Virgin Mary at the top. She invited them to climb the ladder which they did with much ease, entering Heaven quickly. End of the Franciscan story. 

This past year a Franciscan brother received in prayer a vision of a spiraling royal blue staircase into Heaven. At the top of this staircase was our Beloved Savior and spouse, Jesus Christ. He spoke saying, 

“This is the royal road of My Beloved, My Bride, My Spouse, it is the intimate way to My Heart and to Paradise.” 

This also has been one of the main teachings of Our Mother of Mercy, to cultivate a love relationship with the Savior as portrayed in the intimate Song of Solomon Scriptures. This relationship cannot be conjured up, it is an invitation from Him, but we can certainly dispose our hearts to receive it through prayer, desire, and amendment of life. 

In summary, this image is the counterpart to an image done of Our Lord, the Divine Heart. In this image Our Lord combines the imagery of the Sacred Heart with a hint of the Divine Mercy Rays. This image unites the Orthodox tradition of devotion to the Divine Heart of God with the the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It was given with the mandate to pray for unity between the two churches. In this Image Our Lord is wearing a royal blue espousal tunic with a white wrap draped around His Body. Many of the messages given with this image are apocalyptic and looking at the image of the Divine Heart, it appears that He is coming, almost stepping out of the picture. Its origin is an explanation for another time. 

The Divine Mercy Image

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